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Hi, I’m Paul, and I’m an experiential designer and project manager working within the cultural sector.


With over 19 years’ experience working within libraries, museums and art galleries internationally, my experience within this amazing sector has allowed me to see our world through amazing collections, the actions and words of remarkable people including inspiring thought leaders, and through the eyes of our visitors.


With a background in design (built-environment, spatial, interior, interpretive), project management, and teams leadership, my inherent understanding of experiential design principles coupled with my own experiences has afforded me an applied, practical understanding of the multi-faceted and far-reaching needs of diverse audiences.


After relocating to Australia in 2017, I joined the State Library of New South Wales where I’m currently delivering design initiatives to rethink and transform our spaces (both inside and out). I bring ideas to life, always looking at how to best serve our readers through applied experiential, user-centric design.


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