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‘Ajyaal’ Exhibition

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture   |   Country: Saudi Arabia   |   Year: 2015

'Ajyaal' explores the ways Saudi Arabia has responded to the changes of the modern world over the past 100 years, while remaining true to its own traditions. It will explore this in the context of how people in Saudi Arabia live, and what their culture and traditions mean to them. It will encourage visitors to share their own understanding of Saudi Arabia’s place within the wider world. 


Highlighting objects that tell insightful stories about the Kingdom’s development and its people, this display explores some of the ways Saudi Arabia has changed over the last century. One key focus of the gallery will be the interplay between tradition and modernity, and its implications for personal and collective identity in present-day Saudi Arabia.

Creating a physical connection of these themes of the gallery; modern-traditional, personal-collective, past-present, present-future, the gallery is based around a continual architectural ribbon. This continuous ribbon wraps and flows around the gallery, dividing the space into smaller displays which are connected physically and thematically.

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