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Saudi Aramco Historic Sites Exhibits: Type 04

Saudi Aramco   |   Country: Saudi Arabia   |   Year: 2017

Identifying historical places of interest around Saudi Aramco communities and facilities, these exhibits provide meaningful additions to public spaces they are placed in. As furniture, they provide attractive seating for individuals and small groups, including those not necessarily interested in the history of the site or building they are attending. As exhibits, and for those who are interested, historical photographs and text narrative help orientate visitors to the significance of each site in crisp, minimalist and easy to follow interpretation, presented in dual-language English and Arabic. 

Designed to be installed as permanent furniture, the pieces are fabricated from welded aluminum plate with welded flanges anchored to concrete footings / existing surfaces where suitable. The corporate graphic device, a diffuse pattern of holes, is cut with a CNC-plasma cutter with precise, clean edges. For maximum durability, the aluminum is finished in a clear powder-coating.

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