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Arbeia Roman Fort ‘Set in Stone’ Gallery

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums / South Tyneside Council   |   Country: United Kingdom   |   Year: 2011

‘Set in Stone’ tells the stories of the people who not only built the Roman fort at Arbeia in AD 160, but also of those who lived and died there when it guarded the entrance to the River Tyne, becoming a military supply base for other forts along Hadrian's Wall.


This new gallery featured Roman artefacts from one of the biggest collections of objects from any military site in Roman Britain, with many being displayed for the first time since the 1980s.


Gallery Concept Design

First excavated in the 1870s, the roman fort at Arbeia (meaning "fort of the Arab troops", referring to its garrison of Mesopotamian boatmen from the Tigris) was founded around AD 120. The fort later became the maritime supply fort for Hadrian's Wall, and today contains the only permanent stone-built granaries yet found in Britain. It was occupied until the Romans left Britain in the 5th century.

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Gallery Floorplan

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