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‘Siege & Storm’ Exhibition

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums   |   Country: United Kingdom   |   Year: 2011

Among the bloodshed of the 17th century English Civil War, Newcastle upon Tyne arguably symbolised the nature of the violent, bloody hostilities. ‘Siege and Storm’ tells the story of Newcastle during the 17th century English Civil Wars, exploring the opposing sides of Royalist versus Parliament culminating in the siege and storming of Newcastle in 1644.

This exhibition brought together unique, documented stories from the English Civil War along with original objects that represented a divided city and the weapons that helped to turn society upside down. 

Ruined Castle Set Concept Design

Giving a who’s who of 17th century Newcastle, this exhibition explored ordinary people’s life under siege, as well as the hot topics of the 1600s – witches, the Plague and popular games of the times. Visitors were asked to choose their side, Parliamentarian or Royalist, as they learned about the division in society during the siege and its devastating conclusion.


Many of the objects on display were specially conserved for the exhibition, including clocks, coins, ale bottles, armour, swords, bayonets and other weapons from the period, presented with the crowning jewel in the exhibition – Oliver Cromwell’s death mask.

'Plotters Parlour' Interior Set Concept Design

SnS Plan

Exhibition Floorplan


Concept Visualisations

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